Teknomat is one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of commercial espresso machines to the coffee trade.

They provide national field support, for all of their espresso machines.

Their Italian “Synchro” and Spanish “Expobar” Espresso Machines, offer opportunities to access the mid/high end of the market, as well as the grass roots level, where cost may be a consideration.


This high-performance range of Eclipse Espresso Machines are a pleasure to operate, and clad in sleek glass panelling, will add a shine to any establishment. With customisable side panels, the Eclipse is also ready to be personalised, whether you choose to add a lick of colour, or full branding – it’s a machine you’ll truly be proud to show off.

Expobar New Elegance Espresso Machines

The aptly named Expobar New Elegance espresso coffee machine range combines ease of use with modern functionality and features. The result is a machine which offers unbeatable specification for its price. An integral grinder option is available on the 1- and 2-group machines. High group and compact options are also available.


Expobar Monroc

A value-for-money espresso coffee machine available in one 2 group high group version only.

Expobar Ebica

A retro-styled 2 group traditional espresso coffee machine.

Expobar Office Leva

A semi-automatic 1 group espresso coffee machine that may be plumbed or tank-filled.


Synchro Espresso Machines

The Synchro range of espresso machines is hand-crafted in Italy and oozes Italian luxury, style and performance. Stunning good looks are complemented by an excellent build quality and a choice of colours. Personalisation options are also available. High groups are offered on all models.


Synchro T2 Espresso Machines

The Synchro T2 is a deluxe version of the established Synchro machine with a host of extra features. Designed by espresso machine experts and hand-crafted in Italy, the T2 takes the Synchro to a whole new level. Nothing has been re-designed just for the sake of it. Each new element of the Synchro T2 adds something – either visually or operationally – to the performance of this stunning machine range.