Real Coffee Frappe made with Routin 1883

Well, now you’ve got your Routin 1883 Syrup

and your Kool Kup products from The Coffee Warehouse…

You have bought them, haven’t you?

Oops! If not you’d better head over to our 18883 Syrup page first.

And you can download a list of syrup flavours HERE.

Anyway, we’ll assume you’ve got some of your favourite 1883 Syrups to hand and you’re looking forward to some amazing drinks.

Why not start with a Real Coffee Frappe.

Coffee Frappe step11.
First blend 8 to 10oz of ice cubes (just enough to fill a tumbler) for 10 seconds.




Coffee Frappe step 22.
Add 2 pumps of 1883 syrup or 1 pump of 1883 sauce. (Your favourite flavour, of course).




Coffee Frappe step 33.
Then 1 shot of pre chilled espresso.




Coffee Frappe step 44.
Approx 30ml of milk or water (to taste).




Coffee Frappe step 55.
Add 20g of Kool Kup.




Coffee Frappe step 66.
Blend until the ice is smooth.




And there you have it, your Real Coffee Frappe!

For a real treat, why not  add some 1883 sauces or Kool Kup Topping?

Coffee Frappe Kool Kup topping

If you haven’t got your 1883 Syrup yet…

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Tchibo Appoint New Authorised Dealer

Tchibo Appoint The Coffee Warehouse as Authorised Dealer

The Coffee Warehouse, based in Hull are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as an Authorised Tchibo Dealer.

Craig Stephenson, Director, says:

“We’re thrilled to have been appointed. We have supplied and supported a range of other professional coffee making equipment to the trade for many years.”

“This is an exciting, competitive market and we’re very pleased to be able to offer our customers the full range of high quality Tchibo products and I am looking forward to a dynamic future with our new partner”

He also added that he hoped to gain business from new customers attracted by the excellent reputation of the Tchibo brand.

Contact The Coffee Warehouse for more information on Tchibo products.

Tchibo Logo

The name Tchibo is derived from the words Tchiling and the German for ‘bean’ (‘Bohne’).

You may be surprised to know that although many associate the brand with quality coffee products, other more knowledgeable customers may wonder what Tchibo do NOT sell.
Apart from coffee specialties, their product range includes travel, mobile phones, financial services, fashion and technology!

A little Tchibo History…

  • 1949
    Max Herz and Carl Tchiling Hiryan lay the foundations for the Tchibo Group. The idea to sell coffee by mail order revolutionised the coffee market.
    The Festive Blend mocha was a bestseller.
  • 1954
    Gold-Mocca quickly became Germany’s most popular coffee blend. The special feature of Gold-Mocca is a blend of nine different coffees.
  • 1955
    The first Tchibo shop opened in Hamburg.
  • 1958
    There were 77 Tchibo shops in Germany, with more opening almost every week.
  • 1965
    There were now well over 400 Tchibo shops in Germany.
  • 1963
    Tchibo introduced their first mild coffee variety.
  • 1964
    Tchibo started operating their first large-scale coffee roasting plant in Hamburg.
  • 1985tchibo bean logo
    The memorable symbol of Tchibo’s freshly-roasted coffee bean was launched.
  • 1987
    From October 1987, Tchibo’s “Private Coffee” range offered the best coffees from selected countries.
  • 2000
    The first Tchibo shop was opened in Greater London.
  • 2002
    British customers could now buy products online.
  • 2003
    Tchibo became Germany’s biggest coffee shop operator.
  • 2005Tchibo Caffisimo Compact
    Tchibo launched the “Cafissimo”. It was their first machine which could prepare three different speciality coffees.


Contact The Coffee Warehouse now for more information on Tchibo products.