Routin 1883 Syrups.

Calling these delicious flavourings “Coffee Syrups”Bottle 1883 strawberry syrup

is both limiting to the imagination and also does them a disservice.
Many run of the mill beverages could benefit from a shot or two of syrup as we can see below.

Catering establishments like coffee shops and restaurants are always on the lookout for new and exciting additions to their drinks menu.
Caterers need to look no further than The Coffee Warehouse.
We are a UK supplier of the major coffee syrup brand, Routin. Amazing drinks can be created when Routin 1883 syrup is combined with products from Kool Kup!

Routin 1883 syrup is free of artificial preservatives and GMO (genetically modified organisms) free.
Their products contain a blend of real ingredients, fruit sugars and cane sugar.
(Please see the allergen matrix for Routin products HERE.)

green contact buttonDrink Flavour Enhancement.

Routin 1883 Syrup blackboard

Routin 1883 syrups are designed to enhance the flavour and the aroma of the original drink without overwhelming it.

1883 syrup can complement coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mochas, sodas, cocktails, flavoured beers, granitas, cooking, smoothies, milk shakes and frappes (using Kool Kup for thickening powder). Or just use with water.
Let your imagination run wild!

Concentrated Syrups.

Because these syrups are so highly concentrated, they won’t drown high quality drinks.

They are similar to a quality preserve and need the same care. If kept cool and out of direct sunlight they are the most delicious natural and versatile gourmet syrups on the market.
1883 Syrups ar supplied in both glass and PET bottles.
See a list of products HERE. (Right click and “save as”.)

green contact buttonRoutin Maison 1883 Syrup Facts:Bottle 1883 caramel syrup

  • Accurate, authentic and intense flavours.
  • Double the concentration of standard brands.
  • Half the sweetness (healthy for consumers).
  • Water from the French Alps.
  • Exceptional yield per bottle (125 potions).
  • Supplied in economical 1l bottles (not 70cl like some others).
  • Natural extracts. The highest quality.
  • No Fructose or artificial preservatives.
  • Over 130 years of creative expertise.
  • Premium, highest quality flavours and aromas.
  • Vegetarian Society approved.

Now, how about a few ideas on how to use them…


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