RLX Series

RLX Table Top Coffee Machines.

Always fresh coffee at hand. Plus in less than no time hot water to make tea, soup or other hot beverages. Versions with steam tap are options as well.

  • rlx-31
  • rlx585
  • rlx76
  • rlx4

Our wide range of buffet machines offers many combinations, enabling you to tailor the equipment exactly to your own location and conditions of use. Besides, the modern appearance makes the RLX-series suitable for locations where the machine is in sight. In short, the ideal machine for your coffee counter, bar or buffet.

RLX 31

Model with 1 brewing system, 1 hot plate, 1 decanter and separate hot water tap.

Strong points

  • Delicious fresh coffee
  • Robust and high-quality appearance because of stainless steel filter pan and housing
  • Equipped with coffee-is-ready signal and descale indicator
  • Coffee of a consistent quality: The self-regulating hot plates and Bravilor Bonamat decanters monitor the quality of the coffee
  • Easy operation and maintenance

There are several variants of the RLX.

Download a brochure for the RLX:
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