Carimali Macco Sirio

The Italian made SIRIO is one of MACCO’s “Super Automatic” range of coffee machines.

The Sirio does everything – grinding, extracting, frothing and steaming. Now anyone can be a Barista and make delicious specialty coffee drinks.

The Sirio is perfect for all high volume demand situations.

Whatever the location, the MACCO SIRIO will handle the volume. With a capacity of up to 240 drinks an hour, the SIRIO can meet the most demanding needs. Single button operation makes it easy to keep up with orders and comfortably produces a rapid supply of hot drinks to keep all your clients happy.

For the more adventurous, or if you prefer a more hands on approach, the electronically controlled steam wand automatically monitors the milk temperature as you froth and helps to make a perfect latte or cappuccino.

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Carimali Macco Sirio

Macco Sirio Features:

  • Automatic milk frothing (LM Models)
  • Thermistor controlled steam wand (COF Models)
  • Larger boilers (S Line)
  • Recommended Daily Production: 300-400 cups.
  • Espresso: 240 cups/hour.
  • Cappuccino: 200 cups/hour.
  • Hot water: 60 liters/hour.
  • 8 buttons for single, double, small or large specialty coffee drinks.
  • Backlit blue display.
  • Boiler temperature and clock displays.

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