Hot Water & Milk Heaters

Our range of hot water and milk equipment:

offers possibilities for every location. The HW-series is perfect for preparing tea, soup or other hot beverages. It quickly brings large quantities of water to the correct temperature. For heating milk or cocoa the H(C)M-series is the correct choice. All machines are high quality, equipped with a convenient user interface, a non-drip tap and boil-dry protection.

  • hwa-40
  • hw10
  • hm510

HM Series

Containers for heating milk (bain-marie system). Electrically heated, provided with a controllable thermostat, boil-dry protection, gauge glass, non-drip tap and stirring/measuring stick. For locations without water connection.

HW Series

The HW-series quickly brings large quantities of water to the correct temperature, available with or without water connection. Different models are available, dependent of the need for hot water and the location where the machine is used.

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