Esprecious Bean 2 Cup Coffee Machine.

Esprecious Espresso Coffee Machine.

The Esprecious will blend with any decor and style due to it’s contemporary look and user adjustable LED lighting effects which highlight the helpful, user friendly touch screen.

Just use the touch screen display to set your desired variety and strength and away you go!

The Esprecious range is also green conscious and with eco friendliness in mind, the Esprecious also has an inbuilt energy saving mode.

PLUS …it’s really easy to clean, cutting down on the time taken for routine maintenance!

The Esprecious comes equipped with various combinations of bean canisters with grinder and instant canisters that besides a delicious espresso can also make other drink variations.

There are a number of models in the Esprecious range with various functions and features.

Download a brochure for the Esprecious Machine Range:
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Esprecious Espresso Machine Features:

• An innovative advanced coffee-making system
• Convenient touch screen
• Ceramic grinding disc
• Eco mode: intelligent energy-saving mode
• Outlet height adjustable
• Separate hot water outlet
• Individual setting options
• Unique hot water system for less scaling
• Waste bin full indicator
• Drip tray full indicator
• Total and day counters
• No need for connection to the drain

*excludes delivery, installation and water filter.