Commercial Instant Coffee Machines

Instant Coffee Machines.

Instant Coffee Machines, as the name suggests, use instant coffee rather than coffee beans. This means that the coffee retains it’s flavour and lasts longer within the machine.

Nowadays ‘instant coffee’ doesn’t mean poor quality coffee. Modern machines have evolved and they can now deliver high quality drinks time after time.
Though  missing the distinctive full flavour of fresh ground coffee beans, instant coffee machines  are  easy to clean and maintain while still providing a high level of quality.

When fast service is important, an instant coffee machine is hard to beat. They’re perfect for places where coffee is needed quickly and easily.

Ease of use comes as standard with modern instant coffee machines.
With the simple touch of a button, commercial instant coffee machines produce delicious high quality coffee and hot drinks… well instantly, all day long!

Our range of instant coffee machines has something for everybody. If space is a problem or whether you need a manual fill machine, rather than plumbed in, we’ll have something to suit you.

With modern,cutting edge design, all of our machines are fast, reliable instant drink dispensers, suitable for any commercial location.

The Coffee Warehouse are one of the UK’s leading commercial drinks suppliers and offer a full range of supplies and professional drink machine services, whatever your budget.

Take a look at some of our machines below.

Bravilor Bolero.bolero xl instant coffee machine

Equipped with lighted operating panel, drip-tray, automatic descale indicator and rinsing programme.

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Roma Instant Coffee MachineRoma-Coffee-machine-beans

The Roma Coffee Machine is quite simply the best there is!

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Mini Magnum Instant Coffee Machinemini magnum

With 3 canisters and 9 selections, the Mini Magnum will surprise users with it’s amazing capability for such a small espresso coffee machine.

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The Mini Magnum is available from £949.00 + Vat, or 75p + VAT per day (subject to terms and conditions), excludes delivery & Installation.