Commercial Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines.

“Bean to Cup” coffee machines, as the name suggests, perform the entire process of coffee making… At the press of a button.

With the press of a button, Bean to cup coffee machines can produce the
types of espresso coffees normally handmade by a Barista on a
traditional espresso machine.

Bean to Cup, or B2C coffee machines, as they’re also known, don’t have the same wow factor as a traditional Espresso set up. But, with automatic milk foamers to produce steam and foamed milk, they can make a wide range of coffees like Latte, Black Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso,etc.

A good commercial Bean to Cup machine grinds the beans, adds milk,then steams and foams. The fresh coffee drink is then automatically added into the waiting cup. Job Done!

When staff don’t have time to hand make a coffee, like a fast food outlet, a bean to cup machine is the ideal solution.

High volume commercial bean to cup machines tend to have two boilers. One to produce hot water and the other, steam.
Most high throughput systems can make two milk drinks at the same time and can produce up to 360 cups of coffee an hour.

You’ll find bean to cup machines in loads of places, like Offices where staff want a similar standard of coffee that they’d get from a good coffee bar.

A bean to cup coffee machine works a bit like a cafetiere. The freshly ground coffee is held in a chamber, then hot water is forced through the coffee.

Some basic Basic bean to cup machines have integral milk foamers to produce foamed milk for cappuccinos and lattes. These machines are only really adequate for domestic use or small offices were only a limited number of drinks are needed during the working day.

The Bean to Cup machine is ideal in situations where time is short for busy staff, preparing snacks as well as coffee.
Also, in situations where there is regular staff turnover, the retraining on a traditional machine can be eliminated by the use of a bean to cup machine.

Both machines can be supplied with coin operation if rrequired.

The Roma Bean to Cup machine:Roma B2C

from Darenth, available in a range of colours.

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 Esprecious.Esprecious commercial espresso coffee machine - open

Prepare hot drinks of exceptional professional quality with the Esprecious espresso machine and freshly ground beans. Now available with a fresh milk  option.

Display your organisations latest video or promotions on the machines screen saver.

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