Real Coffee Frappe made with Routin 1883

Well, now you’ve got your Routin 1883 Syrup

and your Kool Kup products from The Coffee Warehouse…

You have bought them, haven’t you?

Oops! If not you’d better head over to our 18883 Syrup page first.

And you can download a list of syrup flavours HERE.

Anyway, we’ll assume you’ve got some of your favourite 1883 Syrups to hand and you’re looking forward to some amazing drinks.

Why not start with a Real Coffee Frappe.

Coffee Frappe step11.
First blend 8 to 10oz of ice cubes (just enough to fill a tumbler) for 10 seconds.




Coffee Frappe step 22.
Add 2 pumps of 1883 syrup or 1 pump of 1883 sauce. (Your favourite flavour, of course).




Coffee Frappe step 33.
Then 1 shot of pre chilled espresso.




Coffee Frappe step 44.
Approx 30ml of milk or water (to taste).




Coffee Frappe step 55.
Add 20g of Kool Kup.




Coffee Frappe step 66.
Blend until the ice is smooth.




And there you have it, your Real Coffee Frappe!

For a real treat, why not  add some 1883 sauces or Kool Kup Topping?

Coffee Frappe Kool Kup topping

If you haven’t got your 1883 Syrup yet…

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Make the perfect coffee in a traditional espresso machine.

The Espresso machine.Carimali Macco Cento 50 - 6

Making the perfect coffee in a traditional espresso machine actually has very little to do with the machine. It is down to the Barista who makes the coffee.

If he or she takes pride in their offerings, they will insist that the machine is scrupulously clean. They will ensure it has been cleaned and flushed, using machine cleaning tablets, to clean away the oils, etc, produced from the days coffee production.

They will also ensure that beans, when opened, are stored in a fridge sealed as best as they can.
The grinding machine hopper should only be filled with enough beans to last about an hour.
Why ? Once beans are exposed to oxygen they will begin to lose the flavours that have been enriched during the roasting process.
That’s why all beans are now kept in bags with one way breather valves in them.

The coffee grinder.Coffee Grinder

Often overlooked, the coffee grinder is one of the most important things to get right in order to produce the perfect coffee.
Buy the best you can afford, it will produce superior results and last longer.

All grinders have a grind thickness setting and the dispenser hopper can be adjusted so as to give the correct weight of coffee per dose.



CoffeeThe correct weight of coffee per dose should be 7-8g…
don’t forget when using a two group holder to double it.




The size of grind is dictated by the amount of time it takes double espressofrom pressing the button on the machine to the coffee stopping flowing from the spout. (i.e. the smaller or finer the grind the longer it will take to finish flowing out of the machine).
The ideal time is 24 seconds, but anywhere between 20 and 28 seconds and you should be fine.

The amount of water dispensed should be 25-30ml (that’s 1 fl oz in old money), any more or less and your drink will be either bitter or sour.

If your machine dispenses in a shorter period, then adjust your grinder to give you a finer grind, too long and adjust it to a larger grind.

Trust me.

If you get this right you’ve got the basis of a great espresso coffee.

The rest is up to you, a Cappuccino has frothy milk, whereas a Latte should be smooth and silky.
So then it’s just practice, practice, practice.

Enjoy and take pride.

Thanks for reading,

Why not take a look at our special offers page. There may be just the right machine for you!