Carimali Macco MX-4

With the amazing Macco MX-4, the display can be easily customised.

The drink selections, background colours and images can all be changed.

Load eye catching screensavers and promote your special offers to
maximise sales and increase profits.

The sound associated with your advertising hasn’t been forgotten. Play music to help promote your offers.

Graphical instructions about how to operate the MX-4 are also built in.

The MX-4 is available in a self service format: ideal for Offices and other communal areas.

Download the Macco MX-4 brochure here.
(Right click and “save as”)

Macco MX-4 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine.

MX-4 Recommended Daily Production: 150-200 cups

  • Espresso: 150 cups/hour
  • Cappuccino: 120 cups/hour
  • Hot water: 40 liters/hour

MX-4 available versions:

Fresh Coffee
Instant Product
No Steam boiler

Fresh Coffee
Instant Product
Fresh Milk
Steam Boiler

Macco machines are designed and manufactured by a qualified and highly skilled team: every day, staff are dedicated to keeping up innovative performance and top quality

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