Carimali Macco MX-3

The Macco MX-3 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is part of the Carimali “superautomatic” range producing up to 150 drinks a day.

It’s a fully automatic espresso machine with two coffee bean containers, internal grinders and a chocolate container.

The Macco MX-3 produces drinks tailored exactly to your needs, whatever they are, all at the touch of a button.

For ease of use, the MX-3 incorporates automatic milk frothing and an automatic cleaning system.
No complicated training or Barista is needed to produce perfect results time after time.

The MX-3 is a flexible mediumsize coffee and hot beverage system, capable of dispensing everyone’s favourite hot drink, using freshly ground coffee and fresh milk. All this is done consistently, at the push of a button.

Automatic cleaning systems, connection to a waste system and unlimited choice makes the Macco MX-3 ideal in self-serve situations like canteens, stores, and other community situations.

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Carimali MX-3

MX-3 Recommended Daily Production: 150-200 cups

Espresso: 150 cups/hour

Cappuccino: 120 cups/hour

Hot water: 40 litres/hour

Macco MX-3 versions:

EASY version:
Fresh Coffee
Instant Product
No Steam boiler

LM version:
Fresh Coffee
Instant Product
Fresh Milk
Steam Boiler

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