Carimali Macco MX-2

The Carimali Macco MX-2 is a speciality, fully automatic low to medium demand coffee machine.

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If you need a machine capable of up to 150 cups of coffee a day, the Macco MX-2 is the perfect choice.

The machine produces up to two different bean type Italian Style drinks as well as Cappucccino and latte style drinks and Mocha.

Milk drinks are made easy with a reliable milk pump and automatic flush after each steam use.

If you want a top of the line machine for use in the office, the Macco MX-2 coffee machine is also available as self-serve.
The user friendly interface makes it simple to select from 8 to 24 drink selections.. If needed, add a card reader or coin system.

So, if you’re looking for a speciality machine, designed for low to medium demand, the Macco MX-2, which offers the same outstanding performance as all other quality Carimali / Macco machines, offers the perfect solution.

Download the Macco MX-2 brochure HERE.
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Carimali Macco MX-2

MX-2 Recommended Daily Production: 100-150 cups.

Espresso: 120 cups/hour
Cappuccino: 80 cups/hour
Hot water: 20 liters/hour

MX-2 Available versions:

Fresh Coffee
Instant Product
1 Grinder – 2 Instant container

Fresh Coffee
Instant Product
Fresh Milk
2 Grinders – 1 Instant container

The Macco MX-2, get yours now from The Coffee Warehouse.

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Also available is the Macco MX-2 Uno.

Carimali Macco MX-2 UnoAnother “superautomatic” machine, available with  a single grinder, LM version (with auto milk frother for fresh milk).

Delivering between 8 and 24 drink selections as espressos, cappuccinos and more, the user friendly interface makes it simple to use.

Amazing value for money makes it the right investment for any location!

And it’s available as self-serve, making it ideal for office and community use.