Carimali Macco Cento50

Macco Cento50 Traditional Coffee Machine

Discover the Carimali Macco Cento50, a traditional professional grade coffee machine.

Designed with the traditional looks in mind, the Cento50 has all the latest innovations to make the barista’s job as easy as possible.

The 4 selection buttons and continuous delivery ability of the Macco Cento50 make the constant production of delicious coffee almost child’s play.

This is a traditional machine with an elegant, attractive design.

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Carimali Macco Cento50

Macco Cento50 Features:

  • Professional coffee machine with high-raised and low groups.
  • Available with automatic (E) and/or manual (P) dosage, 1, 2 and 3 groups.
  • 2 steam wands (2/3 groups), 1 hot water output and programmable hot water doses.
  • 2 hot water doses.
  • Programming of pre-infusion for the two #rst drink selections of each group.
  • Automatic level control for boiler and heating up stage.
  • Thermosiphonic heating of coffee groups.
  • No-return system of liquids into the boiler and in the steam taps by means of vacuum valves.
  • Temperature probe for a constant control of steam boiler pressure.
  • Pressure gauge for steam boiler and pump.
  • User-friendly display available for automatic dosage (2/3 groups).
  • Wide cup warmer in stainless steel, electrical heating available as optional for 2/3 groups.