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Established in 1990 we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to coffee machines.

Machines are available to purchase lease or rent depending on your circumstances

 Speciality Coffee Machines

With over 40 years experience in the coffee industry, at The Coffee Warehouse we know how important it is to choose and operate the right equipment for your establishment.

With such a wide range of special-offers-2-180x180options, choosing the right coffee machine for your business can be a very difficult decision. The right equipment is not necessarily the most expensive, or the most fashionable. It is simply the equipment that best fits your business needs, whatever the price point.

Getting the right balance of production speed, staff skills, menu, service format and whether it’s table, counter or self service, is the key to the quality of the final product. And finally and the most important is to get your grind correct.

The Coffee Warehouse only supply quality products, so you can be sure of top quality results with every single beverage served up.

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As well as a complete range of disposable paper cups including  Double walled & ripple cups we also supply our PLANET RANGE of biodegradable cups

Green effect cups are perfect for the environment a friendly alternative to conventional PE and PLA disposable cups
We can print your own design from just 1000 cups
Our Planet cups are available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz cup sizes

Types of Coffee Machine

Here at The Coffee Warehouse, we provide a wide range of commercial coffee machines.
There are many things to think about when deciding on the type of coffee machine you need.

One important thing is not to scrimp when buying a machine for use in a commercial environment.

Domestic machines may be manufactured to very high standards, but are only designed for low volume drinks production, so they will only produce low volume of drinks at a rather slow speed.
Even the best quality domestic coffee machine will just not cut it in a commercial setting.

Also, bear in mind that using a domestic coffee machine for commercial purposes will immediately void any warranty.

So, the bottom line is…
Domestic coffee machines for home use.
Commercial Coffee Machines for Commercial use.

True Commercial Coffee Machines are manufactured to offer the standard of service needed.

If you sell 200 cups of coffee a day, then a machine which is designed to produce up to 50 cups a day is no good to you!

You must know the type and size of commercial coffee machine you need for use in your own specific, unique environment.
This is where The Coffee Warehouse come in.

With many years of experience in the commercial drinks industry they can advise on the exact machine or choice of machines for your individual situation.

The Coffee Warehouse will recommend a machine which is ideal for the task at hand. They won’t sell you something you don’t need!

There are many types of coffee machines available for commercial use.
Let’s take a quick look at a couple.

Many coffee lovers will often only drink freshly ground coffee.
They may not even consider drinking anything else.

So, let’s look at Coffee Machines which use real beans and fresh milk.
These are invariably either the Traditional Espresso Machine, or what is known as a Bean to Cup (B2C) Machine.

Traditional Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines are usually seen in designer Italian style coffee bars or restaurants.
The handcrafting of coffee drinks using a traditionally styled Espresso machine is considered to be somewhat of an “art”.
A good “Barista” (Italian for Bartender) can develop a fervently loyal group of followers.
Research shows that 76% of consumers are  loyal to their favourite coffee shop, but you should be in no doubt  that they will never come back if they are disappointed with any aspect of the service!

An Espresso machine also provides that irresistible fresh ground coffee aroma.  It is usually the machine of choice for an authentic style coffee shop.

“its all in the grind with a traditional machine”

Bean to Cup Machine

Bean to Cup machines are designed to totally automate the entire coffee making process with the press of a button.
This type of machine produces a high quality drink at speed. Usually used in high volume, rapid dispensing scenarios, it also does away with the need for a skilled Barista.

The only skill required to make a good quality drink is the ability to push a button or two.

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